The Zichron Moshe Building in memory of Mr. Morris Isadore Davis
181 Lafayette Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055 | TEL: (973) 778-9211 |


Nothing in life is as rewarding as being part of a successful and growing Mosad HaTorah. When we participate in its future, we may take special pride in seeing it blossom and bear fruit right before our eyes. Our initial and continuous investment is paid back many times over with this special zchus. More so, when this is something that will spread the light of Torah.

The many programs that are available at Bais Medrash L'Torah under the guidance of Rav Chaim Davis, is such an opportunity. BMT's doors are open for Torah study, davening and Chessed in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Be a part of BMT, invest in its growth and reap the zchusim and berachos of this special Mokom Torah for you and your family.