The Zichron Moshe Building in memory of Mr. Morris Isadore Davis
181 Lafayette Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055 | TEL: (973) 778-9211 |



In early 1973, at the urging of Rav Shneir Kotler, Rav Noson Wachfogel and Rav Dov Lesser, zichronom leberacha, Rav Chaim Davis, a founder of the Toronto Community Kollel, and Reb Gershon Wiesenfeld z"l of Bais Hatalmud, were chosen to start a community Kollel in Northern New Jersey. This new concept in establishing a Kollel in well established communities was fashioned after the successful Toronto Community Kollel. The Passaic community was chosen as the site of this new mokom torah because of the enthusiastic welcoming of Rabbis Katz, Wasserman and Weinberger and a few lay leaders. Also, Passaic is a community that had a long tradition of Torah scholarship. Also, Passaic is centrally located in Northern New Jersey and is close to New York, both important for future growth. The mission of the kollel was to nurture talmidey chachomim into Torah leaders and to have an impact on Jewish life in the community. By mid 1973, Rav Wiesenfeld took ill and was questionable if he would be physically able to fulfill his duties. At that time Rav Chaim Davis invited Rav Meir Stern to join and start a shiyur for post high school students.

In 1993, after Rav Davis raised the majority of the funds to erect a most beautiful campus for the Kollel and Yeshiva Gedolah and left the Yeshiva on solid financial footing, Rav Davis turned his attention to establish a different mokom torah that would focus its direction towards the community and kiruv. In 1995, the property at 210 Aycrigg Ave. was purchased for the new home of Bais Medrash L’Torah. Bais Medrash L’Torah, or BMT as it became more popularly known, started with 14 bochrim and 14 Kollel members plus community members who were seeking a warm atmosphere to learn and daven. Rav Davis, Rosh Yeshiva, said daily shiyurim and Shmuzim on Shabbos. Rav Noson Wachfogel ztvk"l, the Lakewood Mashgiach, came to BMT on several  occasions to give chizuk to the bochrim and Kollel. Nine months later, the Bais Medrash of bochrim was forced to close due to the City of Passaic’s zoning issues. However, the Kollel and community members continued with Rav Davis serving as Rosh Kollel and mora d’asra.

Passaic’s first Yarchey Kallah was started in the winter of 1997 with many prominent Roshei Yeshiva and Rabbonim presenting enjoyable shiyurim for the community.

In the summer of 2005, the Temple Emanuel building at 181 Lafayette Avenue was purchased with a special grant from Mr. Oscar Davis. A new sefer Torah was written in honor of the occasion of moving to the new facilities after Succos. The celebration by the Passaic/Clifton community was a tremendous Kiddish Hashem with over a thousand people dancing in the streets from 210 Aycrigg Ave to Lafayette Ave and into the newly renovated Ballroom. During the festivities, the building was dedicated in memory of Oscar Davis' father, Mr. Isadore Morris Davis and currently bears the name Zichron Moshe.

In 2006, Rabbi Yitzchok Weinstein, son-in-law of Rabbi Davis, commence the first blatt shiur for those learning Daf Hashevua in BMT’s library. Shortly thereafter, a Mechanchim Night Kollel was started, learning Daf Hashevua with chaburos given by Rav Yitzchok Davis, Rav Davis’ son. In 2015, a full time Kollel was founded with 10 outstanding talmidei chachomim from BMG and Eretz Yisroel. The Kollel, named Kollel Birkas Shmuel, is in memory of Reb Shmuel Yaakov Shoenig of Detroit, MI, father-in-law of Rav Chaim Davis. Both Rav Yitzchok Weinstein and Rav Yitzchok Davis serve as its Roshei Kollel. In addition to the weekly shiurim and divrei musur from the Roshei Kollel, KBS is priviledged to host a live monthly hookup of divrei chisuk from the well known mekubul Rav Gamliel Rabinowitz of Yerushalayim. Currently, BMT offers a daily vosikin minyon, a Kollel minyon and a minyon in the main shul. It also hosts YBH’s Jr. High with over 100 talmidim.
Now with this most magnificent citadel of Torah learning and living, it is Rav Davis’ fervent desire to continue to provide even more programs of learning and chessed for the community and Klal Yisroel.