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Online Lectures

Gemora Shabbos
Daf 123: Shiur given to the Daf-A-Week chabura on Selichos night, 5768.

Daf 131: The shiur on daf 131 was given by Yisroel Friedman in Cheshvan, 5769.

Listen Now: Shabbos 123 (MP3) | Shabbos 131 (MP3) |

These shiurim are given by Rav Yitchok Weinstein Sunday mornings at BMT.

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This shmuz was given by Rabbi Davis Selichos night 5783.

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Shalom Bias Lecture Series
Chazal say that if husband and wife are meritorious, the Shechina dwells between them. If they are not meritorious, they are consumed by fire(Sotah 17a). When a couple behave virtuously together, yud in ish and the heh in ishoh bind together and form the name of Hashem, which establishes harmony. This harmony, known as sholom bayis enables them to have a happy and meaningul marriage, and indeed, a life. This lecture series is designed to assist all couples to maintain and strengthen that vital harmony in our homes. Because every Jewish home is one of the pillars of Judaism, this lecture series has become most popular and well attended. Now available online, everyone has the opportunity to either review them or to hear them for the first time. Chazak, Chazak V'Nischazayk!

Part I: MP3 Audio | Google Video

Part II: Google Video